‘Don’t you just love the way your dog can make you smile?’

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a special photograph of your dog that keeps you smiling forever?’


Your dogs are like your kids, only better. You feel loved and appreciated when they greet you at the door with a wagging tail. They brighten your day by listening without interrupting, and make you laugh when they bark back. Lovingly, you comply for their demands for treats, walks and frisbee breaks. You feel a special sense of contentment when they sit on your lap.


Beautiful photograph of Chinese Created taken by Washington, DC Dog Photographer

Vickie Lewis, professional photographer has taken pictures for magazines

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Maybe you’ve tried to take some pictures, but the dog wouldn’t sit still. You might have a  shot or two, but certainly nothing you would call ‘art’. Of course not–you’re not a professional photographer.

Taking great pictures of dogs and really capturing their personality takes a lot of experience. It takes a decent camera, maybe some lighting equipment, technical skill and knowledge, patience, persistence and time, especially with a dog that doesn’t hold still or know how to ‘sit’.

Maybe you haven’t thought about how wonderful it will be when you have a great portrait celebrating your dog hanging on the wall. See more photographs here.

Or maybe you didn’t know that you could hire an experienced proven professional to photograph your dog. A professional whose client list includes magazines like People, Parade, and National Geographic’s kids magazine.  You can see some of Vickie’s magazine work here.

“The pictures are really wonderful. Sophie looks great in them all. While we’ve tried, we’ve never managed to capture Sophie in pixels. I don’t know what your magic is, but every shot you showed me was ten times as good as anything we’ve ever managed. Really demonstrates why calling on a professional is ALWAYS the best plan!”  –Charlotte L.


How fun would it be to spend an afternoon with a top professional photographer capturing your dog’s special personality? Read about Vickie Lewis here.

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Isn’t it time for YOU to have a beautiful dog photograph on your wall? A picture that captures your dog’s character, makes you smile, laugh, and remember your best friend, forever.

Imagine sitting at your desk, another day at the office, and you look up, and see a beautiful piece of artwork–your dog. You can almost feel your loving puppy at your feet, and think of her wagging her tail at the door, waiting for you at home. Smiling and refreshed, you refocus on your work, and tackle the next thing.

Vickie Lewis, Maryland Dog Photographer

“Touching hearts with photography for 30 years.”

I’m Vickie Lewis, professional dog photographer, and I know how much your dog means to you. A dog truly becomes part of the family, and just like any family member, you want to remember them as they are. You will love a photographic work of art that showcases your dog’s true personality.

“Who knew Bodacious would be so thrilled to be a model?  It was fun to watch you work. You’ve really captured us.” –Wendy L.


When I was in high school and college, my family raised dogs, and I got a lot of experience showing and training dogs, as well as photographing them for ads and articles. And when it came time to choose a career, I chose photography.

For the past 30 years, I’ve worked as a photojournalist for newspapers and magazines, where I specialize in revealing heart-warming stories from behind the lens. I once spent a year documenting the recovery of a five-year-old burn victim, and the series I shot was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.


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Now I bring the same dedication, sensitivity and care to creating lasting memories of your favorite dog through professional dog portraits. Bring your friend to the Silver Spring studio and I’ll give him or her the star treatment. What special treats or toys will you bring to the studio to bring out his best? I’ll send you some tips before the shoot. Learn more about dog portrait packages.